Oregon is growing fast. We have been one of the “top destinations” for movers three years running. You see it in more traffic, growing school class-sizes, and entrepreneurs starting new businesses. Unfortunately, more people are moving here than we have places for them to live.

Oregon needs More Housing Now!

The solution is more affordable rental housing, but vocal activists – and some elected politicians – are demanding rent control and a ban on no-cause eviction. Rent control has proven to be an unfair advantage to those who don’t have it. It hasn’t worked in New York or San Francisco; it creates few winners and drives up the cost of rent overall. No-cause notices are used to remove drug dealers and violent people – those who threaten the quiet enjoyment of other tenants. Why would we make that harder? Short-term, politically driven, single solutions don’t create more housing.

The rest of America has discovered Oregon and our lifestyle. The solution is to bring Oregonians together and create More Housing Now!